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Ultimate Soccer Training + Practice Goal + Fun!

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ULTIMAGOAL > 1-Heavy-Duty-Portable-Goal(Over 50Lb.s). Free-Standing & Built to take the Hits. No other soccer rebounder or soccer training equipment in the world develops soccer skills faster and more effectively than ULTIMAGOAL. If you want to take your game or your teams game to the next level... you need ULTIMAGOAL!

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SOCCER PARENT - "The Ultimate Goal is a fantastic product! We live in Las Vegas, and the Ultimate Goal has been able to withstand not only two boys pounding on it for three years, but also the 100 degree plus heat. I firmly believe that there is no other product that could withstand this use. And I also believe that any serious soccer player, who wants to develop his skills with a quality product, should own the Ultimate Goal!"

ULTIMAGOAL Customer - Henderson, Nevada USA

SOCCER COACH - "Our High School team has 4 Ultimagoals and we use them every single day. They are great for small sided games, as obstacles during shooting drills and as targets during passing work. Our goals are now 4 years old and they have held up very well. The customer service has been great. I would highly recommend Ultimagoal to any Coach that is looking to improve the efficiency of his practice."

ULTIMAGOAL Customer - Varsity Soccer Coach Jasper, Indiana USA

"improvement in my son's game has been absolutely tremendous"

I am a longtime soccer coach and player and saw the Ultimagoal advertised on TV last year. I decided to purchase it and I've never regretted it. My son and I use the Ultimagoal almost every day. The improvement in my son's game has been absolutely tremendous and I firmly believe it is directly correlated to his practicing on the Ultimagoal. His first touch, trapping, passing and shooting have all improved light years from where he was before we bought the Ultimagoal. His teammates and other parents have all noticed his improvement and have asked me repeatedly what he has been doing to improve so much. I just tell them he has an Ultimagoal and uses it almost every day. Consequently, several of his teammates and friends have purchased one and they love it too! I couldn't be happier with my purchase of the Ultimagoal; it's great fun for our whole family! Thank you Ultimagoal for creating such an outstanding soccer product!!!

ULTIMAGOAL Customer from Livermore, CA. USA

"...coaches now say, he has the best ball touch on the entire team"

Hello Ultimagoal, Thank you for creating the Ultimate Soccer Training Goal. With one year of use, I truly believe that this is the best soccer training product on the market today. Since, our purchase of Ultimagoal last Christmas, my son has used it for training almost every single day. He has used it to improve his skills for shooting, passing and heading the ball. His touch has improved to the point that his coaches now say, he has the best ball touch on the entire team. He was recently selected to the South Texas ODP (USA Olympic Development Program) and I believe his improvement from training with Ultimagoal allowed him to be on the first team. Thank you again, for building the best soccer training tool in the industry.

ULTIMAGOAL Customer from Converse, TX. USA

"got my son excited about practice again"

Hello Ultimagoal,
Simply, the Ultimagoal ROCKS! My 9-year-old son and I have seen the commercials and finally purchased one. It did not disappoint. It shipped quick, was easy to put together, and got my son excited about practice again! The first day alone he practiced with it for about 3 full hours. He's been through all of the modes already and I see no end to his excitement in this product, in fact, I ordered a second one today! Thank you for a great product!!!

ULTIMAGOAL Customer from Dayton, OH. USA

"spent 5 hrs shooting and drilling"

"I just want to thank you for a great product. I built it yesterday. My boys played normal games Saturday and then spent 5 hrs shooting and drilling this afternoon....Awesome..well made and easy to assemble."

ULTIMAGOAL Customer from Danbury, CT. USA

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soccer rebounder goal

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